Unlocking the Power of Your Team’s Personality: Truity’s TypeFinder® and Enneagram Workshops

If you would like to go beyond the TypeFinder® for the Workplace or Enneagram for the Workplace assessments, Truity offers live, facilitated Zoom-based workshops, hosted by our team or one of our trusted coaches, to help managers and teams better understand their test results and leverage their strengths—to improve team productivity, reduce conflict, enhance communications, clarify motivations and foster team appreciation and connectedness.

  • 3-hour custom-designed virtual workshop for your full team—includes a review of team test results and insights, growth exercises, Q&A and more.

  • 30-minute to 1-hour facilitated debrief for managers—including insights, trends and growth areas for the team.

  • Report on team dynamics and strengths, workshop presentation slides and custom activities for the team to refer back to.

  • Workshops available for either the TypeFinder® (based on Myers Briggs theory) or the Enneagram assessments.

Workshops Offered:

The TypeFinder® workshop helps your team better understand its strengths through the lens of each of the four dimensions of the Typefinder® system (e.g., Introversion versus Extraversion). The goal is to help teams work together more effectively and can help most with:

  • Problem solving as a team
  • Building team strengths and reducing conflict
  • Appreciating different working styles and building empathy

The Enneagram workshop can help everyone better understand their own and their colleagues' motivations, strengths and challenges through the lens of the Enneagram. The goal is to help teams become more self-aware, productive and collegial and can help most with:

  • Understanding one’s own core motivations and growth paths
  • Improving team communication
  • Increasing empathy for coworkers
  • Increasing trust and developing emotional intelligence

Pricing starts at $1,900 for team of 15 or fewer people. (Price will vary depending on the size of the workshop, if tests for your team are required, or if special modifications are requested.)

Please note that all workshops must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. 

Interested? Tell us a little more about your team and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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