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Find a career that suits your personality, interests and strengths with one of our popular career assessments. Explore career assessments for adults, students, and anyone in career transition.


16 Personality Type Testsimage

Explore what makes you unique with a variety of assessments based on Isabel Briggs Myers' 16-type system. Discover your individual traits, learn what careers suit your personality, and explore your work style.


Big Five Personality Testsimage

Learn more about yourself with scientifically validated assessments based on the Big Five personality traits. Explore how Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism impact your life, work, and relationships.


Enneagram Tests & Quizzesimage

Explore the Enneagram personality system and learn how Enneagram typing can help you discover yourself, grown in your career, and find happiness in your relationships.


Love & Relationship Quizzesimage

Learn what you're looking for a partner, and how to recognize key compatibility factors in relationships. Discover how personality typing and the Enneagram can help give clarity in what you need in love.


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Learn about your travel style, your toxic traits, and how you make important decisions in your life.

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