At-Home Workout Routines by Enneagram Type

The Enneagram gives us a great map to understand our habit of attention and to use that knowledge to find a workout routine that will really work for each of us. Below we offer you the best at-home workout, based on your Enneagram type.

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Financial Habits by Enneagram Type

After surveying over 58,000 Truity users on their financial habits, we found some interesting links between Enneagram type and financial habits.

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Enneagram Types and Relationships

Ever wonder which Enneagram type pairings are the most common? How about which types are happiest single, which types are serial monogamists, and which types are most likely to pencil “LTR” into their long-term goals? Truity surveyed over 88,000 users to find out more about the Enneagram types and their relationships. Here’s what we discovered.

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The Best Gifts for Each Enneagram Type

A recent Truity survey of more than 10,500 users shows that an individual’s Enneagram type does impact the types of gifts that they prefer to give and receive. How does your Enneagram type influence your holiday gift-giving and receiving preferences? Here are some of the key findings from the survey, as well as some gifting tips for your loved ones, based on their Enneagram types.

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Does Your Personality Type Determine Your Politics?

Does your personality type predict your politics? A Truity survey of 25,223 individuals who took Truity’s Typefinder test (based on the theories of Myers and Briggs) shows that your underlying personality type may play a big role in determining your political affiliation.

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How Does Your Personality Type Impact Your Income?

Could your personality type help explain why you earn what you do? The answer seems to be yes. Check out your stats, and learn which personality traits are most important for earnings.

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Could Your Personality Type Predict Your Parenting Style?

Could your personality type affect the way you raise children, whether you embrace the stay-at-home lifestyle, or even how many children you have? Are your innate preferences shaping the roles you play in family life in ways you don't even realize? Has personality influenced your decision whether to have children at all? We surveyed over 7,000 people to find out.

How Personality Type Impacts Your Parenting Style - Infographic
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What's Your Career Personality Type?

Are you an artist, a thinker, a builder, a leader? The Holland Code system of career assessment provides a simple way to discover your interests and match them to appropriate careers. Use this handy decision tree to discover your career personality type, and find the careers that are right for you.

Holland Code Infographic - What's Your Career Personality Type?
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ESFJs: The Happiest Employees in the Office

A recent study of personality type and job satisfaction found that people with the ESFJ personality type reported the highest average job satisfaction of all the types. Why are these ESFJs so happy with their work? We dig into the research to find out.

Infographic shows why ESFJs are the highest personality type in job satisfaction

Why ENTJs Earn So Much More Money Than The Rest of Us

Our latest study shows that ENTJs are one of the highest earning personality types, supervise more people than average, and tend to pursue self-employment. Find out more about the ENTJ super-achiever with this ENTJ infographic.


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